Pleora’s IF

Provide your Digital Parallel Video Imaging Sensor with GigE Output

Pleora NTx interface systems are industrial interfaces that convert digital parallel video to GigE through Ethernet connection.

List of compatible sensors

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Additionally, Pleora NTx provides different communication ports, providing connection capability to different peripherals.

Southern Optronics provides two versions of PCBs with different capabilities in order to build your camera with the peripherals needed.

  • Drive DPV (16bits width max) up to 100MHz PCLK to Pleora NTx Stack
  • Communication Interfaces:
    • UART (TTL) with attached Sensor (Pleora Bulk0)
    • RS232 converter for Pleora’s circular connector (Bulk1)
    • Spare UART (TTL) COM port to Pleora’s Circular Connector (Bulk2)
  • In/Out GPIO connection
  • Drive DPV up to 100MHz PCLK to Pleora NTx Stack
  • Peripherals:
    • 0-24mA current Driver for industrial alarm control (SPI controlled through Bulk0)
    • GPIO Expansor for additional signal triggering/ control (I2C Bulk1)
    • Magnetic Compass for PTZ position check (I2C Bulk1)
    • Nanomotion shutter compatible (I2C Bulk1)
    • Spare I2C connection for additional peripherals.
    • Multiplexed Serial Interfaces controlled by Pleora GPIO’s
      • UART (TTL) to attached Sensor
      • RS485 converter
      • 2x UART (TTL) Spare connections for additional peripherals
  • Tested sensors:
    • SCD compatible sensors:
      • VOxI
      • PelicanD (SENSIA Camera Link Adapter required)
    • ULIS compatible sensors:
      • PICO

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