Expansion Board

Expansion Board expands the capabilities of the USB Mini Board. Adding IR camera Peripheral such as:

  • Motor focus Optics Controller via 2 output GPIOs and 1 input GPIO (encoder purposes)
  •  Temperature Sensing capabilities via I2C
  • Shutter Control (2-Pin CMOS Control)
  • Additional UART port for Range Finder integration.
List of compatible sensors

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Communication between Expansion board and PC host is made using the same COM port of the USB Mini. All mentioned capabilities are firmware dependant.


  • Operating Temperature Range

    • -30ºC to 85ºC
  • Size (LxWxD)

    • 31mm x 31mm x 10.5mm
  • Sensor Connector

    • 80-Pin Samtec
    • LSHM-140-02.5-L-DV-A-S-K
  • Output IF Connector

    • 80-Pin Samtec
    • LSHM-140-02.5-L-DV-A-S-K

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